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The centre at the ‘Florian’ Port Fire Brigade in Gdańsk has operated since December 2009. We are a private educational institution providing services to companies related directly and indirectly with rescue and firefighting services. Our clients are first and foremost companies interested in the development of professional skills within rescue operations of their employees.

We organise specialist firefighting trainings. We have broad knowledge within fire protection, medical rescue and occupational health and safety. We want to share it with our clients.

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Above all, we offer practical courses that constitute a significant asset of our Centre. A fire training area equipped with specialist simulators is available for our clients. Exercises on trainings simulators are conducted under the supervision of qualified instructors, which makes it possible to learn in conditions close to real.

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We conduct training for contractors from NAFTOPORT
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The Training and Vocational Development Centre, Portowa Straż Pożarna FLORIAN sp. z o.o.
ul. mjr. H. Sucharskiego 71
80-601 Gdańsk, Polska

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