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Fixed and semi-fixed fire extinguishing system post

Due to requirements within fire safety, which get stricter every year, we need to face the challenge of introducing new devices and technologies. Even in medieval times, people used to build specialist cisterns for collecting water for extinguishing fires. Today, this role has been taken over by automatic fixed and semi-fixed fire extinguishing systems.


Our station is equipped with:

  • a fixed water-spraying system,
  • a fixed sprinkling system,
  • a fixed CO2 system, and
  • a fixed water mist system (TELESTO).


It is possible to add additional systems to the station, if necessary.

The station has two functions

  • to present how fixed fire extinguishing systems work, with the option to compare the efficiency of single extinguishing systems, and
  • to train rescue services in existing systems.


The importance of conducting trainings while systems operate cannot be stressed enough. Even though we often come across units equipped with fixed fire extinguishing systems, their owners do now allow to conduct trainings with operating systems due to water loss. 


Easy monitoring of training enables the proper assessment of rescuers and making potential remarks concerning their performance.

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