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Helideck with a helicopter model

Helideck is in other words a deck for helicopters. Helicopters land on a helideck – they are often refuelled there and this is the place they start from. No drilling rig could operate without such a deck. Increasingly often we can encounter helidecks on various types of ships.


Unfortunately, a landing or starting helicopter is very dangerous and may cause a disaster. Since there is fuel in helicopter’s tanks, there is nearly always a fire during a disaster. This situation forces the crew of a ship or a drilling rig to act in a flash. Their activities include the evacuation of the crew and passengers from the helicopter as well as extinguishing a burning helicopter.


What characterises a helideck is its limited space and often limited access.


Our station enables trainees:

  • to familiarise themselves with the construction of a helicopter,
  • to train crew and helicopter passengers in evacuation,
  • to extinguish a burning helicopter, and
  • to train the protection of adjacent objects.
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