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Internal fire training simulator

The direct aim of the training in an internal fire training simulator is to make trainees acquainted with the simulation of an internal fire and preparing them for conducting efficient and safe rescue-firefighting activities during internal fires. An indirect aim is to raise awareness among trainees of fire hazards resulting from working in a fire environment and in closed spaces.


The internal fire chamber enables to simulate fires of residential buildings, warehouses, workshop-industrial buildings, etc. with real flames and smoke. It enables various variants of simulation, both of single fires and sequences of events. The training simulator consists of various rooms on several storeys. Thanks to that, it is possible to reproduce activities undertaken during real fires and the chamber accurately represents conditions during a fire on a staircase and on balconies.


During exercises, trainees identify and interpret symptoms of an internal fire and choose the right approach based on the results of the identification. They learn how to move and evacuate victims in zones of fire outbreak and heavy smoke in heat protective clothing using respiratory protective equipment in two-strong teams of rescuers. They use water sprays to extinguish fire, acquiring skills of the proper technique and tactics of extinguishing, relevant to the class of the simulated fire.

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