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Training simulator of closing a valve with burning gas aim of the training

The aim of the training of closing the valve with burning gas is to make trainees acquainted with working right next to a leaking pipeline.


An indirect aim of the training is to consolidate skills connected with working in heat protective clothing and extinguishing spilt liquid with a fire extinguisher.


Within the cognitive sphere:

  • describe the construction and way of operating respiratory protective devices,
  • describe the way of putting on heat protective clothing,
  • describe the method of using powder extinguishers, and
  • describe the method of spilt liquid extinguishing using a powder extinguisher.


Within the practical sphere:

  • prepare a respiratory protective device for operation,
  • acquire the skills of spilt liquid extinguishing using a powder extinguisher,
  • acquire the skills of walking on a ladder in protective clothing of nomex type and respiratory protective equipment,
  • obtain the skills of putting on the heat protective clothing in a correct way, and
  • acquire the skills of working in heat protective clothing.
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