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Extinguishing a fire of a burning car

The direct aim of the training is to prepare trainees for conducting rescue-extinguishing activities in a safe manner during a fire of vehicles. An indirect aim is to raise the awareness of hazards during a fire of a burning car or another vehicle.


In a theoretical part, trainees will learn about: the theory of breaking out fires in vehicles and possible ways of extinguishing them, types of extinguishing agents and procedures as well as actions to be taken in emergencies. Trainees, following the discussion of objectives, are to organise rescue activities during a fire of a car using tools and equipment consisting of a part of the standard vehicle equipment.


As part of an extinguishing exercises, under the supervision of qualified staff, a car is put on fire while maintaining controlled and safe conditions for trainees. One of the tasks prepared in this station is the evacuation of people from the vehicle, locating the fire and learning techniques of vehicle extinguishing using various types of extinguishers with regard to the source of fire and type of fuel used in the vehicle.

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