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Training simulator of big external fires/helideck

The direct aim of the training in a training simulator of big external fires/helideck is to make trainees acquainted with the principles of extinguishing a big external fire on a helideck. An indirect aim is improving their skills in arranging extinguishing lines using water sprays and heavy foam as well as water-foam cannons.


Helideck is in other words a deck for helicopters. Helicopters land on a helideck, they are often refuelled there, and this is the site they start from. No drilling rig could operate without this deck. Increasingly often we can encounter helidecks on various types of ships.


Unfortunately, a landing or starting helicopter is very dangerous and may be hazardous. Since there is fuel in helicopters’ tanks, there is nearly always a fire during a disaster. This is a situation that forces the crew of a ship or a drilling rig to take immediate actions. Their activities include the evacuation of crew and passengers of the helicopter as well as extinguishing a burning helicopter. With this training simulator, trainees have an opportunity to extinguish a fire of a major size. Extinguishing a helicopter model on a pad takes place using water spray and heavy foam as well as with a water-foam cannon that is located at a distance of 20 m from the helicopter.

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