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Smoke chamber

This is a next, very specific station for training rescue services and ship crews. A specific psychological test takes place in the smoke chamber.


Panic and vulnerability to it concerns not only a crowd, but also each of us. We often hear that someone ‘panicked’ and did not do something in a proper way.


Panic becomes a tragedy when it is related to rescue operations. It is important that each of us becomes ‘immune’ to this phenomenon through training. It is necessary to immunize those who need to keep a cool head while rescuing others.

The smoke chamber is a maze with obstacles

The smoke chamber is a maze with obstacles where the visibility is limited because of smoke. Other ‘attractions’ include sound and light effects - everything with the aim to strengthen a psychological effect. There is an option to change the setting of obstacles in the maze and the track which makes it additionally ‘attractive’.


In addition to coping with stress, the smoke chamber requires an on-going analysis of the situation and immediate reactions from a trainee. Narrow passages, the need to crawl, etc., require a trainee to take an air-tank off or change a ‘damaged’ mask. Moreover, the maze teaches cooperation in a group and builds trust to other team members.


The chamber is equipped with infrared cameras that enable current observation and assessment of the trainees’ performance. The fixed smoke ventilation system enables an immediate reaction in situations when trainees ‘panic’.

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